Common questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We are used to use Hong Kong’s indoor spaces very efficiently. Besides freestanding plants, we make use of planter boxes on top of cabinets, ceiling constructions, and plant art on the wall.

After contacting us for the first time, we are usually able to install the plants within 3 weeks.

95% of our plants come from local suppliers.

We prefer living plants because of the health and aesthetic benefits, however, we are open to discuss any wishes on faux plants since they can also be perceived as greenery.

Great! We are very much looking forward to meeting you soon. Please leave your contact details here, so we can reply to you within today.

Yes, of course! We support teams that would like to care for the plants themselves. You purchase a one-off plant package including custom-made design. This includes care tips and a 24/7 WhatsApp hotline.

Not a plant care freak and having questions? We have specific care tips for every plant and we can guide you with real-time support. Just send us a text (+852 52868422) or an email (hello [at] and one of our plant experts will help you.

Plants normally do not attract any insects. It only happens when you overwater the plants. With our maintenance service, you do not have to worry at all that bugs or insects will join you in your space.

No worries, text (+852 52868422) or email (hello [at] our plant expert and we will help you! Also if you are not our customer. Do not forget to add some pictures of your plant.

Let us know! We are here to help. Get in touch and we’ll get back to you asap!